Mississippi Lottery Tickets Go On Sale November 25

Wednesday November 20th 2019

For those who have been eagerly looking forward to buying lottery tickets in Mississippi, the wait is almost over. The Mississippi Lottery gets underway on Monday, November 25.

Four types of scratch-off tickets will begin being sold by nearly 1,200 retailers across the state. You'll be able to purchase tickets starting at 5:00am in some locations.

There's an official Mississippi Lottery Corporation event scheduled at 6:45am in Jackson at the Raceway station on Mississippi 18 West. A longtime advocate of the state lottery, Representative Alyce G. Clarke of Jackson, will buy a "ceremonial" ticket. She has been working towards the goal of a Mississippi lottery for over 20 years, and the lottery law is named in her honor.

Which tickets can be purchased?

Four varieties of scratch-off tickets at different price points will start being sold on Monday morning:

  • 3 Time Lucky. Cost: $1.00
  • Triple 777. Cost: $2.00
  • Happy Holidays Y'all. Cost: $2.00
  • $100,000 Jackpot. Cost: $5.00

Most retailers offering scratch-offs will be gas stations, grocery / convenience stores, liquor stores and casinos.  Players must be 21 or older to buy a ticket.

When will Powerball and Mega Millions launch?

If you're excited to play the big multi-state games Powerball and Mega Millions, you'll be able to buy tickets starting on January 30. Mississippi joined the Multi-State Lottery Association, which administers the games, this summer.

With a $40 million minimum jackpot that has risen to over $1 billion in the past, Powerball and Mega Millions will definitely add excitement for state residents in the New Year.

The games are each drawn twice a week:

  • Powerball drawings: Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59pm ET. The draws are held in Tallahassee, Florida
  • Mega Millions drawings: Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:59pm ET. The draws are held in Atlanta, Georgia

Cash4Life and Lotto America will also be offered.

Other games starting soon

Mississippi has announced it will launch a three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit draw game in the first quarter of 2020. There's no more information about the games at this time, but one possibility is that they will launch as Pick 3, Pick 4 and Easy 5, games offered by neighboring Louisiana.

Where will the money from the Lottery go?

After over 20 years spent wrangling over whether Mississippi should have a lottery, the state legislature finally approved a state lottery last summer in a special session.

Proceeds from ticket sales are expected to be around $40 million in the first 12 months, followed by $80 to $100 million per year from then on.

So where is all that money going to be spent?

  • Retailers will take 6% of ticket sales
  • For the next 10 years, up to $80 million per year will be spent on upgrading roads, bridges and other state infrastructure
  • Any funds above $80 million will be invested in public schools through the Education Enhancement Fund

Mississippi Lottery updates

For the latest information on MS Lottery news and game details, check the Mississippi Lottery page regularly.

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