Mississippi Lottery to Launch Cash 3

Wednesday August 26th 2020

The Mississippi Lottery will debut its third draw game, Cash 3, on Tuesday, September 1, with a top prize of $500 and draws every evening at 9:50 pm CST.

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Lottery fans in the Magnolia State will be able to purchase tickets from lottery retailers beginning at 5:00 am (individual stores may have different hours).

Previously, Mississippi lottery players wanting to play Cash 3 would have to cross state lines to participate.

“Many players have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this game,” said Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) President Tom Shaheen. “While a large number of Mississippi players are already familiar with this daily draw game popular in surrounding states, it will be new to others.”

Cash 3 will join the MLC's two existing draw games, Powerball and Mega Millions. The famous multi-state games have proved extremely popular in the state, with players lining up around the block at dawn to get tickets on launch day, January 30, 2020. 

Residents currently enjoy a wide range of scratch-off and instant win games, with more launching every month. More draw games will also be introduced in the future.

Players must be at least 21 years old to purchase lottery tickets in Mississippi.

How to play Cash 3

Cash 3 has eight play types, offering lots of chances to snag a prize. “Players enjoy this game because of so many ways to play and win,” said Shaheen. “Regardless of how many people play or how many people win, the set prize amounts are the same.”

To play Cash 3, choose any three lucky numbers from 000 to 999. If you're in a hurry, select Quick Pick and the lottery computer will randomly generate your numbers.

Players can also choose the Multi-Draw option, a convenient way to play up to seven draws in a row, including the current draw.

Tickets cost $0.50 or $1. Prize amounts start at $36 and go up to $500, depending on the play type and wager selected.

For a $1 wager, the available play types are Exact Order, Any Order, Exact or Any Order, or 1-Off.

With the 1-Off option, players can take home a prize even if they are one digit off (up or down) from matching the winning number. For example, if 123 is drawn and the player has chosen 1-Off, they will win if their number is 023, 113, 122, 124, 133 or 223.

Three Way Combo plays cost $3 and Six Way Combo plays cost $6.

For a $0.50 wager, you can choose from two play types, Exact Order or Any Order.

Cash 3 winning numbers will be posted online soon after the draw takes place every night at around 9:50 pm CST. Results will also be available on TV through WCBI-Columbus, WXXV-Gulfport, WJTV-Jackson, WMDN-Meridian and WGBC-Meridian (times may differ by station).

Winners may claim their prize at a lottery retailer or MLC headquarters.

About the Mississippi Lottery

Mississippi has the newest lottery in the US, with scratch-off tickets going on sale on November 25, 2019. Magnolia State players have responded enthusiastically, and Lottery revenues have significantly outpaced expectations.

Proceeds up to $80 million per year go to roads and bridges in the state. After the Lottery's first 10 years, funds up to $80 million will be contributed to the Mississippi General Fund, while additional revenue will support early childhood education and school supplies.

Mississippi's first big lottery winner was woman from Gautier, who scored a $2 million Mega Millions prize in the June 9, 2020 drawing. “When we heard the Mississippi Lottery was coming to Mississippi, I said I’d be the first to win!" said the lucky lady, who chose to stay anonymous, as allowed by state law.

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