More midweek lottery rollovers

Monday April 26th 2010

What a year we have had so far with rollover lottery jackpots. Only last week we saw the 10th highest PowerBall prize being won by a single ticket holder after the jackpot had been climbing for several weeks. Now we are set for another exciting build up to the weekend with more midweek lottery rollovers to come. None of these lottery rollovers have reached the staggering jackpot offered by the PowerBall last week, but the MegaMillions is not all that far behind and is likely to be the most popular for the midweek draws.

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It has been some time now since the MegaMillions had a jackpot winner and after no one matched the winning numbers for the draw on Friday there is now a massive $191 million to play for on Tuesday 27th April. The PowerBall also rolled over after the draw on Saturday, but is still some way behind MegaMillions due to last week’s winner and now offers a $30 million jackpot for the draw on Wednesday.

Across the Atlantic, the European lottery games EuroMillions and SuperEnalotto are boasting rollover jackpots too. The Italian Lottery game SuperEnalotto, has the slightly higher jackpot prize of the two, currently standing at €65.2 million for the draw on Tuesday. EuroMillions which does not have another draw until Friday is not too far behind with a jackpot of €59 million,

With EuroMillions being the easiest of the two lottery games to win, we would expect more people to buy lottery tickets for this game with there being so little between the jackpots, but MegaMillions is likely to top the bill out of all of them.

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