More Than 2,000 Winners of Top Prize in North Carolina Pick 4

Monday June 24th 2019

If you won the top prize in North Carolina’s Pick 4 game on Saturday, lottery officials have warned you to expect a long line when you come forward to claim your money. The total payout for the drawing will be a record $7.8 million after more than 2,000 players matched the winning numbers.

The numbers drawn in the Midday game on Saturday 23rd June were 0, 0, 0 and 0. The four numbers are selected from separate sets of 0 to 9, so the odds of any combination of four numbers appearing are 1 in 10,000.

You can choose to predict whether the balls will appear in an exact order or in any order, and picking the same number four times (known as a Quad), is one of the most popular combinations.

In Saturday’s remarkable draw, 1,002 participants bought a $1 ticket with four zeros, each pocketing the top prize of $5,000. Another 1,012 players played the same numbers on $0.50 tickets, landing $2,500 each.

In some games, the top prize is shared between all the winners, or there is a cap in place for the maximum payout. The rules of Pick 4 allow for all Saturday’s winners to be paid the full prize, adding up to $7.8 million. The previous record of $7.5 million had been set in August 2012, when the winning numbers were 1, 1, 1 and 1.

How to Claim Winnings

You can come forward to claim winnings at any of the six regional centers - in Raleigh, Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville or Wilmington - but North Carolina Lottery officials admit it could be busier than normal over the next few days.

“Due to the large number of winners, players should expect extended waiting times to complete their claims if they choose to visit a regional office on Monday and Tuesday,” said the lottery in a news release.

You have up to 180 days to claim prizes in North Carolina. As well as visiting any of the regional offices, you can also claim awards by mail.

Pick 4 is played twice every day, with Midday and Evening draws. It is one of several in-state games offered by North Carolina, along with Pick 3 and Cash 5. You can also enjoy multi-state games Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky for Life in North Carolina. offers an app for the North Carolina Lottery so that you can find the latest winning numbers at the touch of a button. There are also a wide range of other apps for you to choose from across the country, keeping you up to date so that you can be the first to know whether you have won a prize.

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