National Lottery funding police probe

Tuesday January 26th 2010

Four men have been arrested by police in North Yorkshire who have been looking into a possible lottery money laundering scam.  The National Lottery funding police probe comes after the four men made an application for funding to the National Lottery Awards For All Scheme, in order to obtain revenue for the increasingly popular Rock-It-Ball, who have incidentally strongly denied any claims of wrong doing.

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Rock-it-ball claim that the sport has had an amazing effect on the community as it aims to give responsibility to and opportunities to young people in the country.  It has been introduced to more than 7,000 schools colleges and universities within the UK and more than 20 countries worldwide and the news of the UK National Lottery funding probe will come as a shock to the many thousand fans of the increasingly popular sport.

When people buy lottery tickets, they are always aware of the many good causes that the money they spend contributes to. However, when we play the lottery in good faith we also expect that those who apply for funding from the lottery money that provide to also do so in good faith. If it does turn out that there is some justification for these arrests, it will be pleasing to know that lottery officials have been on the ball in making sure that that the lottery revenue we provide is going to causes which deserve it.

One recent worthy cause is the Giant Causeway on the coast of Northern Ireland who had just received a grant from the Lottery Heritage Fund, of £3 million.

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