National Lottery grant for World War Veterans

Wednesday March 17th 2010

The Big Lottery fund which has its resources supplied by the National Lottery does some amazing things for good causes within the UK. The news there has been a National Lottery grant for World War Veterans from the Big Lottery Fund’s Heros Return 2 programme, could  bring an a bigger insight into the history of World War II to enthusiasts. The grant of almost £8,000 is to enable to veterans to each return to their wartime location as the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II looms.

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The locations that this lottery grant will fund visits to will be Italy, Canada and London and although the National Lottery funding will bring some back some interesting and important memories for the men and insights to share, there is all likelihood that there will be many things that are best left forgotten.

The National Lottery plays a very important part in keeping the history of the UK alive. There are many important parts of history that would never have been either found or maintained had it not been for lottery grants. However, Heritage is not the only cause that is supported by the National Lottery. We have seen some fabulous sport facilities, and other services introduced to communities all over the UK which have been funded by the National Lottery  and it is important that we remind ourselves of this when we buy lottery tickets.

There is no timescale given for when the World War veterans plan to make their lottery funded visits, but with the 65th anniversary of the end of the war being marked this summer, it would be sensible to assume this to happen around this time.

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