National Lottery prizes soon to expire

Friday August 6th 2010

While we can bring you the fantastic news that there was one lucky winner of the massive £11.1 million National Lottery jackpot on Wednesday evening, many of you will find it hard to believe that there five National Lottery prizes soon to expire. It is always alarming that prizes go unclaimed for any lottery game as winning is what we play the lottery for. However, to see that there are five significant wins expiring this month is even more alarming and leave many us wondering why some people play the lottery.

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The first of these National Lottery prizes will expire on 9th August and is worth just over £60,000. The UK Lottery draw took place on 10th February 2010 and the ticket was purchased in Telford. The second was for a draw that took place on 13th February 2010 and is a prize of more than $81,000. This lottery ticket was purchased in Newcastle upon Tyne and will expire on 12th August. On 16th August 2010, a lotto ticket for a draw which took place on 17th February will expire. This carries an even bigger lottery prize of almost £88,000 and this National Lottery ticket was purchased in the Borough of Tameside.

Alarmingly the final two of these unclaimed National lottery prizes exceed £100,000. One for the draw which took place on 20th February 2010 will expire on 19th August and has a prize of almost £115,000. This lottery ticket was purchased in the West Lancashire area.

Finally a prize of almost £118,000 will need to be claimed by 30th August. This is for a National Lottery draw which took place on 3rd March 2010 in was purchased in the Neath Port Talbot area.

If you hold lotto tickets for any of the draws above, please dig them out and check to see if you are one of the lucky lottery winners sitting on one of these prizes.

Written by Samantha Jones

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