National Lottery winner comes forward

Saturday May 1st 2010

After organisers recently sent out an appeal, a National Lottery winner comes forward to claim their share of the £16.5 million triple rollover jackpot from the draw which took place on 14th April. Although the other three lottery winners who shared this jackpot came forward almost immediately, it took the forth ticket holder almost two weeks to register their claim. Each winner of this National Lottery triple rollover jackpot will walk away more than $4.1 million richer and all have decided to remain anonymous.

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The final winner registered their claim for this lottery win on Thursday morning, just two days after the organisers of the UK National Lottery sent out their appeal. This is only the fifth time that there has been a triple rollover on the National Lottery and rules state that a triple rollover jackpot must be won. If the winners do not come forward, then the criteria will be lowered allowing winners who matched the most numbers to claim the lottery jackpot prize.

Unfortunately there is no rollover jackpot for the National Lottery draw that takes place this evening but those who do buy lottery tickets will still be playing for a jackpot of £4.5 million which is still a little more than each of these triple rollover winners received two weeks ago.

If the National Lottery is not for you and your prefer to play a game which offers a much larger jackpot, the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto will also be drawn today and after rolling over for many weeks, it now has a massive €67.3 million to play for. However, this is much more difficult lottery game to win than the National Lottery.

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