National Lottery winner keeps caravaning

Wednesday July 7th 2010

Wally Jinks has shared a £2 million lottery jackpot with his friend Alan Stringer but despite becoming a millionaire, he claims little will change and this is certainly true when it comes to his holidays. This National Lottery winner keeps on caravanning as touring the Yorkshire coast is something that he and his wife have done for many years. However, he has said that he will use some of his National Lottery jackpot win to upgrade his caravan and car to make his caravanning holidays a little more pleasant.

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Both Alan and Wally are sensibly keeping both feet on the ground with regards to their National Lottery win. Both intend to carry on working as well replacing their cars, not with brand new top of the range models but with modest second hand ones. Many lottery winners tend to go for broke when it comes to spending their newfound wealth. These two National Lottery winners are certainly being sensible with their win in the initial stages at least.

Jinks was on holiday with his wife in Jersey when he had his win on the National Lottery and wasn’t even aware he had won until five days after they returned home and checked his lottery numbers. The two winners buy lottery tickets every week and have done so since 1994 and always use Lucky Dips.

This particular win was from the draw which took place on 19th June and the two lucky men won a share of a National Lottery rollover jackpot with their lotto tickets that were purchased from Tesco in Edenthorpe.

Written by Samantha Jones

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