New Hampshire Lottery ticket sales drop

Thursday November 11th 2010

Despite the global recession, the world of lottery has largely weathered the storm very well. The announcement that the New Hampshire Lottery ticket sales drop may signal for some of the US state lotteries that all may not be as well as once thought. However, it has also been said that the states new 10% non deductable gambling tax cold have also played a part in the revenue decline for the New Hampshire Lottery.

The New Hampshire Lottery sales have dropped by almost $40 million over the last four years which is an average of almost $10 million a year. With US states relying on the revenue generated by their lottery games so heavily. This is clearly a loss that will come as a big blow to New Hampshire.

Back in July we saw the Illinois Lottery take the unprecedented move to have their state lottery game run by a private company in a bid to increase the revenue that it generates and it could be that the New Hampshire Lottery may need to consider a similar move in order to increase their ticket sales to the level that they were over four years ago.

Many state lotteries have opted to cross sell both MegaMillions and PowerBall tickets and the New Hampshire lottery is one of them. But it seems that although this move has improved revenue for many other states, this has not been so in this case.

With the new Christmas instant games being added to the New Hampshire Lottery, it will hope to see an increase in lotto ticket sales as the festive season draws closer.

Written by Samantha Jones

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