New Hampshire Lottery offers new online games

Tuesday June 29th 2010

The power of the internet has done wonders for world lottery games as more and more people choose to play their games in this way. The fact that players can now purchase their games online means that playing the lottery is much more convenient and that each individual game is open more players. News that the New Hampshire Lottery offers new online games from 1st July is great new for those who play this states lottery games and New Hampshire is likely to see a huge rise is revenue as a result of this move.

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$199 Million
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The online games from the New Hampshire Lottery are said to be very similar to scratch off games. Players have a game choice of either slots, speed bingo or poker and the amount that they wish to wager. Players are able to buy tickets for total chances per game up to $100. This means that the prize for each ticket that is bought is determined when it is purchased. New Hampshire Lottery players will also be able to have these lotto tickets checked at retail outlets without having to play the game but how this will actually work is something that will become clear once the games are launched.

New Hampshire Lottery hope that the move will encourage more young players to start playing their lottery games although those of you who are interested in these new lottery games will need to bear in mind that you must be at least 18 years of age to play lottery games in New Hampshire.

British Columbia offer games similar to those about to be introduced in New Hampshire, so why not have a look at their games to see what you can expect from these new lottery games once they are launched.

Update: The launch of the new games from the New Hampshire Lottery has been postponed due to a few legal loose ends that need tieing up.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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