New Jersey Lottery telephone scam

Wednesday October 27th 2010

A warning is being sent out to players regarding a New Jersey Lottery telephone scam where people are being told that they will receive a large lottery jackpot in return for paying small processing fees. Unfortunately, this type of lottery scam is a very common one and the New Jersey Lottery is just the latest in a long list to be hit by such a scam. As always lottery officials are keen to release details of this scam and offer advice to those who are unsure of how to spot a scam.

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The advice given by the New Jersey Lottery is much the same as any other. You are not required by them to pay any administration costs in order to collect a lottery prize and the New Jersey Lottery will never ask banking details of any winners. Claims can never me made over the telephone and those who receive such fraudulent calls are advised to contact the New Jersey Lottery, the Division of Consumer Affairs or alternatively the police. Just another reason why playing online lotteries is the safest and most secure method.

People are being warned that these kinds of scams usually see the culprits asking for banking details or credit card numbers and possibly other personal information. This is then used by the scammers to obtain money from the victims’ accounts, resulting in many vulnerable people losing their life savings.

The general rule of thumb is if you have not bought a lotto ticket for the New Jersey Lottery then you can’t win a prize and if you receive any calls claiming that you have, then it is almost definitely a scam but you should call the lottery security office if you are in doubt.

Written by Brett Levenson

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