New lottery game for New York State

Thursday September 10th 2009

There is some exciting news for all avid lottery players today, with the introduction of a fantastic new lottery game for New York State. The new lottery game will aim players to the internet where they will be able to find out whether they have become the next millionaire.

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This New York Lottery game is called Sweet Million and players have the chance of winning $1 million for a stake of just $1. This new lottery game launches on 15th September and the 1st drawing will take place on Thursday 17th September. You will still be able to buy lottery tickets for this latest New York Lottery game via retail outlets, the results however, will be posted on the New York Lottery website shortly after the drawing.

To be a winner of this new lottery game, Sweet Millions, you will need to pick and match 6 numbers from 1 to 40 for the $1 million prize.  Match 5 numbers and you will get £500, for 4 numbers win $40 and you get $3 for matching 3 numbers.

The odds of winning the New York Lottery game, Sweet Millions is 3.9 million to one which is much better than the odds for MegaMillions which is 176 million to one. The odds for the New York Lottery are 22.4 million to one. So of all these lottery games, the odds for Sweet Millions are much more favourable.

It is not yet clear from the information available whether you can buy lottery tickets online for this new game, but as the launch date gets closer, this is something that is likely to become apparent.


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