New Lotto Max launches in Canada

Sunday September 20th 2009

 On Friday 25th September the new Lotto Max launches in Canada and players who buy lottery tickets for this new game that replaces the current Super 7 game are in with a chance of winning a staggering $10 million on the first draw. Like most lottery draws the Lotto Max game will rollover and could reach jackpots of as high as $50 million.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$199 Million
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Should the Canadian Lotto Max game ever reach the $50 million mark then players have the option to play the Maxmillions games. These games have their own set of lottery numbers drawn and whilst the Lotto Max jackpot is still available to win, the smaller MaxMillions jackpot will stand at $1 million per draw.

The final Super 7 draw for the Canada Lottery took place on Friday 18th September and stood at $21 million. The odds of winning the jackpot for new Lotto Max game are reported to be at 28.6 million per lottery draw whilst winning one of the smaller prizes on offer see odds drop to 6.6 per $5 ticket purchase.

Tickets for the new Lotto Max will cost $5 and for this players get 3 sets of seven numbers from 1-49 and to be a big jackpot winner all numbers have to be matched. This is the same for the Maxmillions draws.

Players will be able to buy lottery tickets for the new Lotto Max from Saturday 19th September and it will be available in every province and state across Canada as part of the Canada Lottery.

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