New player wins New York Lottery

Thursday November 5th 2009

News that a new player wins the New York Lottery jackpot is all the evidence we will ever need that is really could be you. How many of us dreamt that we would win the lottery jackpot when we bought our very first ticket? Quite a few we would imagine, but of all  of us who hoped and wished for this it was highly unlikely to happen.

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But you can never say never when it comes to the lottery, as this is just what life is, a lottery, none of us ever know what it is going to bring us.

A former resident of New York was in town visiting friends and decided to buy her 1st ever lottery ticket for the New York Lottery. This was the most rewarding snap decision the mother of two has ever made as she walked away with a huge lottery jackpot. The lucky winner will take a lump sum of $2,839,929, which will reduce to $1,869,263 after taxes have been deducted.

The overjoyed 40 year old had only decided to buy the lottery ticket, as she need some change for a bus journey.  When she walked into a local deli to buy something to get the change she needed, she decided to buy her first ever lottery ticket. A decision she most certainly will not ever forget.

After hearing such an amazing story of luck, the main thing on the minds of lottery players when they buy lottery tickets this week, will be, ‘could it be me’?

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