New York Lottery winner almost scammed

Monday September 20th 2010

When a 72 year old man had his lottery ticket checked at Dynasty Deli and Grocery last month, the scanner flashed up that he was a ‘Big Winner’. However the New York Lottery winner was almost scammed by the store clerk when he refused to give the ticket back claiming that it was not a winner and he had already thrown it away. Milledge McCassell, who was the rightful owner of the New York Lottery ticket, returned to the store several times asking for the ticket but came away empty handed as the ticket was not signed.

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Anyone could have claimed this New York Lottery prize as the ticket was not signed which is why it is so important to make sure you sign your lottery tickets as soon as you purchase them.

The rightful winner then sought the help of another retailer that he knew and trusted and a complaint was filed. State police visited the store over the winning New York Lottery ticket and the store clerk in question incidentally had managed to find the lottery ticket that had previously claimed to have thrown away. Lottery officials believe the store clerk retained the lottery ticket as he was planning to make a claim for the $14 million prize himself.

Milledge McCassell was able to make his claim upon the return of his $2 lottery ticket and opted for a lump sum payment of $8.7 million once all taxes had been deducted.

The owner of Dynasty Deli and Grocery claims the incident is a misunderstanding and didn’t happen it the way it is claimed. However, the store clerk at the centre of the incident no longer works there.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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