NFL Lottery Scratchcard

Monday June 1st 2009

The first NFL lottery scratchcard game in the world will be playable in the state of Massachusetts before the end on the 2009 season. This is according to an announcement that has been made by the Massachusetts State Lottery and the New England Patriots – one of the most popular NFL (National Football League) teams in the region.

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Instant win lottery tickets with sporting themes aren’t new, and there have been many scratchcard games based on soccer, American football, golf, tennis, snooker and other sports. However, there has never been an officially licensed game based on a National Football League team, so when the New England Patriots ticket arrives it will really be something special.

The announcement of the first NFL lottery scratchcard comes after NFL owners voted to allow teams to partner with lottery organisations and thereby create a product that would be a winner for all concerned. The NFL teams themselves will benefit from an even greater public profile and, one assumes, a decent licensing fee. Lottery organisations also benefit because they will be allowed to produce and sell games specifically aimed at the huge population of American football fans throughout the USA and – potentially at least – around the world.

But perhaps the biggest winners are the lottery-playing members of the public. All of us like to express our loyalty to favourite sporting teams and competitors, and instant win lottery tickets offer a great way of showing our support, having fun and maybe even winning a small or large fortune as a result!

The announcement of the first NFL lottery scratchcard will undoubtedly be applauded by ‘Pats’ fans and lottery enthusiasts alike in the state of Massachusetts, but we think that this cold just be the tip of the iceberg. If the concept takes off (and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a huge success) then we can probably expect to see a plethora of officially licensed sporting scratchcards in the future. The sports of boxing, golf, baseball and more have all got their superstars, and basing games on those superstars could well become quite commonplace – just as it already is in the world of video gaming.

Watch this space and we’ll bring you the latest developments in the world of sporting scratchcards as and when they are announced. In the meantime, you can enjoy some generic sporting action playing Hopa scratchcard games online.

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