No MegaMillions winner

Monday May 3rd 2010

After the draw which took place on Friday 30th April, there is still no MegaMillions winner after no one managed to match the winning numbers. This means that the MegaMillions jackpot has risen to a staggering $266 million for the next draw, which will take place on Tuesday 4th May. This also means that the MegaMillions jackpot has now risen higher than the PowerBall jackpot which was won Wednesday 24th April 2010 and ticket buying frenzy across US states over the next 24 hours is almost inevitable.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$199 Million
Time left to buy tickets
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There is no doubt that the cross selling of MegaMillions and PowerBall tickets has made a huge difference to both of these multi state lottery game jackpots. We are constantly seeing huge rollover lottery jackpots being won much more frequently and with more states still likely to opt in to cross sell lottery tickets for both of these lottery games, anticipation of more of this to come remains high.

As we will see more and more people rush to buy lottery tickets for the MegaMillions draw this week, the likelihood of this jackpot being won will obviously increase, However, all is not lost if it is won and you are not the lucky winner. The PowerBall has not been won again since 24th April and already offers a lottery jackpot of $60 million for the draw on Wednesday, so US lottery players will still have plenty to get excited about.

So whether the MegaMillions has a winner tomorrow or not, lottery players in America have got plenty to look forward to in the midweek draws.

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