No more ping pong balls for the Oklahoma Lottery

Monday September 21st 2009

Being replaced by a new computerized drawing system, there will be no more ping pong balls for the Oklahoma Lottery. The Cash 5 and Pick 3 games will no longer have models picking the numbered balls from a machine in the cost cutting move. With recent probe into the Bulgarian Lottery, one can’t help but wonder whether this move could leave the draw open to scrutiny.

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The Oklahoma Lottery has televised the drawings for the Cash 5 since September 2006 and the Pick 3 since November 2005. Under this new drawing system from the Oklahoma Lottery, this is now set to be eliminated in another cost cutting move however, the Hot Lotto game has never been televised and this does not seem to have caused any negativity from a player’s point of view.  The Oklahoma lottery sees no reason why this change should be any different for the Cash 5 and Pick 3 games.

If the move had not been taken to replace the old system of drawing, the lottery drawing machines would soon have needed to be replaced, which would have cost the Oklahoma Lottery in the region of $150,000.

The move will not affect the way in which people can buy lottery tickets and they will still be able to view the lottery draw result online and at the various retail outlets throughout the state. Those people who currently receive the lottery results via email or text messaging, will still continue to receive these in the same way.

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