No news on Arkansas Lottery scholarships

Wednesday August 11th 2010

As with many lotteries in the US, the main aim of the Arkansas Lottery is to provide funding for education within the state. This means that many young people are able to fund the education that they deserve but wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford without access to these scholarships. However, despite the application process beginning at the start of the year. Many students have received no news on the Arkansas Lottery scholarships that they have applied for and so desperately need to be able to go to school, leaving many of them a little frustrated.

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The main reason given by the Arkansas Lottery for taking so long to process all of the lottery scholarship applications is that as that it the first time that this process has been carried out since the launch of the lottery last year. The delay has been mainly for those students applying for lottery scholarships for college or non-traditional education. This is because that while those who have a applied for Arkansas Lottery scholarships for high school graduation have their applications electronically read, higher education applications need to be physically read, making the process much slower, hence the delay.

The Higher Education Department have received more 53,000 lottery scholarship applications and so far have awarded funding to just over 20,000 of them and the process is not yet completed.

Although the Arkansas Lottery is still in its infancy they do offer their players both PowerBall and MegaMillions, along with many other lottery games and scratch offs that players can buy lottery tickets for.

Written by Brett Levenson

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