North Carolina Lottery Winner Finds ‘One Good Deal’ in Yard Sale

Wednesday June 1st 2016

A man from Fayetteville in North Carolina found a better deal than he could have hoped for after setting out for the local yard sales and ending the day with a Mega Bucks ticket worth $250,000. The lucky player broke off from his search for a bargain in the sales to have a coffee and spend $10 on a scratch-off ticket, and only realized his good fortune later that day.

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He was halfway through his dinner when he remembered the ticket and scratched it off to discover that he had won one of the top prizes on Mega Bucks, and food was suddenly no longer in his mind. “I didn’t eat the rest. I was elated,” said the man in a press release from the South Carolina Education Lottery, after he travelled over the state border from North Carolina to buy the ticket in Latta.

The lucky winner is now looking forward to buying out his car, enjoying a long trip and putting some of the money towards retirement. He added: “I got one good deal. I’m going to treat myself to lunch.”

There are currently still two Mega Bucks prizes of $250,000 available for you to track down, and players across South Carolina are sure to feel they can follow in the latest winner’s footsteps and change their lives in an instant. The money raised from ticket sales also goes towards benefitting education in the state, so by playing Mega Bucks you are helping others as well as giving yourself a chance of winning big. Good luck!

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