Oregon Lottery Thanksgiving Raffle

Friday November 26th 2010

US states have been in the throes of celebrating Thanksgiving this month and this has seen some fantastic celebratory games offered by the various state lotteries around the US. The Oregon Lottery Thanksgiving Raffle has now taken place and as a result two millionaires have been created as well as more two thousand winners of lower tier prizes. The Oregon Lottery has held five raffles so far and this is the second raffle of this kind that has taken place in line with the celebrations for Thanksgiving.

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As with all lottery raffles, there are a limited number of tickets available, but this year the Oregon Lottery doubled the amount of tickets on offer to players which has also resulted in double the prizes.

Often such raffles sell all of their tickets long before the raffle takes place, leaving many lottery players disappointed to have missed out. The increase in tickets by the Oregon Lottery was an attempt to avoid this. However, they still managed to sell all of their tickets well before the draw took place, making this one of the most successful raffles for the Oregon Lottery so far.

There were two top prizes of $1 million available in this Oregon Lottery Raffle as well as 2,022 other cash prizes to be won, so if you held tickets for this draw, then you may want to check them now to see if you were one of the lucky winners.

While you are there, why not buy a lotto ticket for the Oregon Lottery Megabuck game? The next draw takes place on Saturday and there is an estimated $7.8 million up for grabs.

Written by Samantha Jones

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