Oz Lotto Record Jackpot

Thursday June 25th 2009

Oz Lotto players have the chance of winning a record jackpot of AU$90 million this Tuesday 30 June, 2009. Because this is the largest lottery jackpot that Oz Lotto has ever offered its players, the demand for tickets is expected to reach unprecedented levels, and all players are being urged to buy their tickets early to avoid any problems. The good news for Lottery.net visitors is that you can buy lottery tickets for Oz Lotto right here and right now at the click of a mouse button!

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If you haven’t played Oz Lotto before then a quick crash course might be useful. Oz Lotto is a 7 from 45 lottery game, which means you need to select 7 numbers from the range 1 to 45. If you match all of your selections then you win the jackpot or – if there is more than one winner – a share thereof.

The odds of winning the Oz Lotto jackpot are 1 in 45,379,620, but a potential prize of AU$90 million (which is around US$71.5 million or £43.9 million) makes even those fairly lengthy odds seem quite attractive. You should also bear in mind the fact that there are several other prize levels, and your overall odds of getting the lottery results you need to win any prize at all are around 1 in 55.

Whilst many lotteries draw one supplementary number in addition to the main numbers, Oz Lotto draws two supplementary numbers. This means that every Tuesday there are 9 numbers drawn in total. The first 7 of these are the main numbers that are used to determine the jackpot winner and the next 2 are supplementary numbers that can prove useful for players who have missed out on the jackpot but could still win a very nice prize with one or supplementary matches.

With a record jackpot of AU$90 million up for grabs this Tuesday, now is the perfect time to have a go at playing Oz Lotto. Whether it will be your first time (in which case you could possibly benefit from some beginner’s luck) or you have played Oz Lotto before (in which case your persistence could pay off big-time) we wish you the very best of luck. Here’s to a bonzer win!

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