Oz Lotto winner comes forward

Saturday April 3rd 2010

Following a massive media campaign by NSW lotteries to find the elusive winner of the $30 million lottery jackpot, we can now reveal that the Oz Lotto winner comes forward to claim this fantastic prize. The appeal began after it was realised that the ticket was not registered which would make the winner very difficult to find if they hadn’t checked their tickets to realise they had won the equal second largest lottery prize in Australia. Thankfully it was this media campaign that urged the winner to check their tickets.

The winners of the Oz Lotto, who are from Ashfield, were sitting in a café when they heard on a news bulletin that the lottery winner was from the Sydney area. This prompted them to check their tickets to see if they were holding the winning ticket.

The winners of the Oz Lotto have chosen to keep their identities secret but we can tell you that they are a middle aged couple who have found themselves drowning in debt. Both have been working part time casual jobs and have found that their hours have been cut recently, so they have barely been able to make ends meet. This fantastic Oz lotto win will see all that change for them and the wife in particular seems pleased that there would no longer be the need to hunt for supermarket bargains.

When people buy lottery tickets, they hardly dare to hope for a win of any kind, but a win as this, going to someone who really needs it makes playing the lottery so worth while.

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