Pennsylvania Lottery Millionaire Raffle

Monday July 12th 2010

Lottery raffles are becoming increasingly popular with US lotteries with more and more of them being offered to lottery players each year. These raffles have much better odds than a normal lottery game and also offer more chances of players becoming millionaires so the reason why these games are so popular is quite easy to see. The latest Pennsylvania Lottery Millionaire Raffle draw has taken place and has created four, $1 million winners along with four $100,000 winners, and if you hold a ticket for this game then you may want to check to see if you are one of these lucky winners.

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$186 Million
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The numbers drawn by the Pennsylvania Lottery for the Millionaire Raffle $1 million prizes are 00221060, 00107238, 00278251 and 00081227. The numbers for the $100,000 second tier prizes were 00203999, 00499277, 00320394 and 00185898. There are also lower tier prizes on offer for this Millionaire Raffle game from the Pennsylvania Lottery and if you hold a ticket, then you can find the full results online when you next buy lotto tickets for the main lottery game.

Alternatively you can take your tickets to any Pennsylvania Lottery retailer to see if they are a winner. The $1 million prizes must be claimed at the Lottery Headquarters in Middletown or any of the seven area offices, as can the $100,000 prizes. The $100,000 prizes can also be claimed at lottery retailers along with other lower tier prizes. So check to see if you are a winner on the 14th Millionaire Raffle for the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Written by Brett Levenson

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