Powerball Jackpot for Great Grandfather

Tuesday May 5th 2009

A Powerball jackpot worth $144,000,000 has been won by an 82 year old great grandfather who lives in Washington D.C. The lottery winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, is reported to have ten children and 47 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, so we think there will be plenty of opportunities for the lucky winner to share his new-found Powerball lottery fortune.

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Powerball is one of the ‘big two’ multi-state lottery games in the USA (the other being Mega Millions), and is played in 30 states as well as Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands. Players need to select five main numbers from the range 1 to 59 and one Powerball number from the range 1 to 39. If a player matches all of their selections with the actual lottery results then they win the jackpot or share thereof. The odds of doing this are 1 in 195,249,054, but there are nine prize levels in total, so the overall lottery odds of winning any prize at all are a very healthy 1 in 35.

As with most lottery games in the USA, jackpot winners have the option of taking their prize as a series of annual instalments, or as a single (and smaller) cash lump sum. Either way, the payout is subject to tax, but with huge jackpots paid to winners they don’t usually view this as being much of a problem!

The 82 year old winner from Washington D.C. won the Powerball lottery game on Wednesday 8 April, 2009 by matching the five main numbers 1, 6, 48, 52 and 56, and the Powerball, which was 9. He has decided to forgo the annuity option and take his Powerball jackpot prize as a cash lump sum of $79,681,116.60.

Although you need to be in a participating state to buy a Powerball lottery ticket in person, players in other states – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter – can buy lottery tickets online and participate that way. Even better, when you buy lottery tickets online there is no risk you losing them and potentially missing out on a massive Powerball jackpot. In fact, if you play Powerball online and you win you will be emailed with the good news automatically so that you can make your claim without delay!

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