Powerball Jackpot Hits $185 Million for Tonight’s Game

Wednesday September 16th 2015

The Mega Millions jackpot might have fallen over the weekend, but Powerball is still going strong, boasting a top prize of $185 million for tonight’s drawing. The jackpot hasn’t been won since August 1st, when a Californian ticket holder in South Los Angeles grabbed a cool $110 million.

Powerball’s jackpot hasn’t reached a similar height since early June, when Arizona resident Maria Herrera picked up $188 million ($119.9 cash option). The dizzying amount of cash up for grabs this evening would be more than enough to change your life forever if you matched all the winning numbers drawn, with a pre-tax cash option worth an estimated $116.8 million available to a potential winner.

Depending on where you live and pay taxes, if you won tonight you and took a lump sum, you could expect to receive anywhere from $77.2 million to $87.6 million. You’d get more over time if you chose the annuity, but having a huge amount of cash to hand all at once would unlock opportunities you had never thought possible.

Previous Powerball winners have spent their dough in interesting ways. Carlo and Erlinda Mitchell, the first California Powerball winners, recently purchased a shopping center using some of the $213 million jackpot they snagged in 2013. Back in 2005, Robert and Frances Chaney, who won $340 million, created the Robert and Frances Chaney Family Foundation, which supports children, families and public safety in Missouri, West Virginia and Oregon. Their children, Steve and Carolyn West, purchased a luxurious home complete with a pool and enormous waterslide.

Whether you wanted to go on a permanent vacation, start a few charities or just indulge in a shopping spree that would make Paris Hilton blush, all of your dreams could become a reality with a big Powerball win.

With a nine-figure sum on the line, retailers across the U.S. are sure to be busy today. Don’t miss out on a chance to become the next big Powerball winner - make sure that you buy tickets before sales close in your local area, and make sure that you check the latest Powerball results on Lottery.net to see if you’ve nabbed a prize. Good luck!

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