Powerball Jackpot Still Unclaimed

Wednesday November 9th 2011

The Powerball jackpot of $245 million was won by a lucky ticket in last Wednesday’s draw however the Powerball jackpot still remains unclaimed. The Powerball lottery officials have said that the winning ticket was bought in Connecticut, however that is currently all the information that is known about the winner. Many rumors have started to circulate about the jackpot winner, some of which state that they may have actually lost their winning Powerball ticket. Normally jackpot winners don’t hang around when it comes to claiming their winnings as they don’t want to lose a very expensive piece of paper...

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, but if these rumors turn out to be true then the winner could end up feeling very sorry for themselves.

According to the lottery officials the ticket was sold in Fairfield County and it was actually the largest prize ever to be won in the history of the Connecticut lottery. The Powerball results from November 2nd were 12, 14, 34, 39, 46 and the Powerball was 36. This particular draw had over 2.2 million players who each won a prize across all nine of the prize tiers.

The ABC News website states that a sanitation worker claims he is the winning ticket holder however says he lost the multi-million pound lottery ticket. Also another rumor circling this massive win is that the Powerball ticket in question was bought in the Belltown Superette in Stamford. Whether any of these reports regarding the Powerball winner are true or not remains to be seen, however whoever they are they should give themselves a pat on the back because winning $245 million doesn’t happen every day.

The Powerball – like all other lotteries has an expiry date on tickets, and the winner has 180 days to claim their prize which takes them to April 30th 2012.

Written by Brett Levenson

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