PowerBall jackpot is worlds highest

Wednesday June 2nd 2010

There are many lottery games that are offering some amazing jackpots all over the world at the moment, which of course is fantastic news for lottery players. However, the PowerBall jackpot is the world highest today after no one managed to match the winning numbers from the draw which took place on Saturday. A rollover on the PowerBall is almost expected in the world of lottery games, but after rolling over for a few weeks now there is massive $260 million on offer for the draw taking place today.

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The last time that there was a winner on the PowerBall was back on 22nd April, when one lucky winner from Missouri walked away with a cool $252 million. Already the PowerBall has exceeded its previous jackpot high and this alone is likely to cause a frenzy as people rush to buy lotto tickets for the draw taking place this evening.

The other multi state lottery game MegaMillions is struggling to rollover and produce the kind of jackpot highs that it is known for. The last big rollover win for this lottery game was back on 4th May when a massive $266 million was won which is slightly higher than the PowerBall jackpot on offer tonight. Since then the MegaMillions jackpot has been won twice with the highest win being $64 million. We are still waiting for the results of the draw on Tuesday to find out if there was a winner or if we will see a rollover for the draw on Friday. However, regardless of the result all eyes are on the PowerBall at the moment and if it fails to produce a winner again, lottery players will really have something to get excited about for the weekend.

Written by Samantha Jones

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