Powerball Jackpot Worth an Estimated $245 Million

Wednesday November 2nd 2011

Tonight sees one of American’s biggest lotteries the Powerball have a jackpot that is worth an estimated $245 million available to win. The top prize has reached this truly impressive height due to the fact that it has rolled over a total of 12 times. It started to rollover on Saturday 17th September 2011 and since then players haven’t been fortunate to match the winning Powerball numbers. On Saturday’s draw 12 players were just one number away from scooping this jackpot, therefore took home $200,000 each.

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This multi-state lottery game is known for its high jackpots and to date the biggest jackpot won this year in the Powerball took place on Wednesday 10th August. In this particular draw the results were 11, 18, 36, 41, 46 and the Powerball number was 38. The jackpot reached the amount of $228.9 million after 11 rollovers and one winning ticket from Minnesota scooped this top prize amount. This then shows that the current Powerball jackpot that is estimated at $245 million is actually the highest top prize that has been available to win in 2011.

Previous to this the highest jackpot ever won in the Powerball happened over five years ago in February 2006 when eight players from Nebraska - who were all part of a syndicate, won a staggering $365 million.

Last night witnessed the Mega Millions – another multi-state American lottery jackpot be won by one winning ticket from California. Therefore, you never know if lucky may strike a second night in a row for American lotteries and crown anyone who matches the Powerball results the highest Powerball jackpot winner of 2011!

Written by Katelin Thompson

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