Powerball Minnesota

Thursday May 13th 2010

A Powerball jackpot of $180.1 million has been won by a couple in Minnesota, making them the state’s biggest every jackpot winners. Paul and Sue Rosenau, who are both 54 years old, scooped the fortune on Saturday 3 May by matching five main numbers and the Powerball.

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They discovered their good fortune the night after the draw when watching the news on television. “We were in our jammies and ready to go to bed,” Paul said. But their plans changed quickly when they watched their numbers being accounced as the ones that had been drawn, and instead of going to bed they went to check their numbers online at Sue’s place of work.

Paul still wasn’t satisfied with having double-checked his numbers, so he consulted the newspaper the next morning just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “He was thinking that the numbers were going to change overnight,” Sue said. “I was checking the paper for an hour,” Paul nodded. “I was soaking wet just from the nerves.”

On Tuesday 6 May, Paul and Sue travelled to Roseville, where the Minnesota lottery headquarters are located, and even though they had now known about their win for a couple of days, it still hadn’t quite sunk in. “It’s something you just never think will happen,” Sue said. Paul agreed, saying, ““It’s just really amazing.”

Powerball jackpot winners are given a choice between taking their prize as a series of annual payments or as a single – though smaller – cash lump sum. The Rosenau’s chose the former option, and received £88 million, which will reduce to just under $60 million after tax has been paid.

The couple have no plans to give up work, and until someone beats their $180.1 million win they will be Minnesota’s biggest lottery jackpot winners. There have been 19 other Powerball winners in the state and no doubt plenty of other Minnesotans will be hoping to join this elite group in the future.

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