Powerball Player Thankful for Ticket Mix-Up After $1 Million Win

Friday September 8th 2017

A man from Michigan has revealed how a ticket mix-up helped him to win a $1 million Powerball prize. The lucky player had originally been sold entries for a different game by mistake, but put them in his wallet and did not realise straight away.

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Michael Doyle, from Belleville, told Michigan Lottery officials how his next visit to the Belleville Fuel Mart turned out to be life-changing. He said: “The next day, I stopped to get gas on my way to a friend’s house, and when I opened my wallet to pay for the gas, my lottery tickets fell out. That’s when I saw I had Lotto 47 tickets instead of Powerball. So, I asked the clerk at the gas station for four Powerball Easy Picks.”

One of the tickets Michael bought matched the five main Powerball numbers - 6, 21, 41, 52 and 62 - drawn on Saturday, instantly making him a millionaire. However, the 58-year-old only found out when he saw a local news report about the $1 million win.

Claiming his money from Michigan Lottery’s headquarters on Wednesday, Michael said: “I immediately checked my tickets and have been happy and nervous ever since I realized I was the winner because $1 million is so much money.”

Michael is now looking forward to retiring from work, buying a new car and generally enjoying all the opportunities that his new-found wealth will afford him. He said: “For all the times we’ve said: ‘We wish we could,’ but didn’t have the money, now we can.”

If you want to follow in Michael’s footsteps and win a fantastic Powerball prize, you can buy tickets online from authorized states or choose numbers online. The jackpot has already climbed to $102 million after just four draws without a winner. Good luck!

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