Powerball Trio Declare They Are the Only Winners

Wednesday December 7th 2011

Since the three asset managers came forward and collected their $254 million Powerball prize there have been numerous news reports suggesting they are covering for the real winner. These are just rumours but there seemed to be a certain amount of truth in what people were saying. However, the Powerball trio has now declared they are the only winners of the biggest jackpot won in Connecticut. In a document sent to Powerball lottery officials they stated that they were the only winners to be benefiting from this jackpot win.

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The asset managers Greg Skidmore, Brandon Lacoff and Tim Davidson who opted for the cash lump sum that came out as $103.6 million sent the document to put an end to the doubt that people were having. Reported on the ABC news website the Connecticut Lottery Corporation agreed that all the rules were followed and believe these three are the real and only winners.

It seems as though these three have already started to spend their winnings as they are planning to split a $1 million gift amongst five different charities. These charities are named as The Bob Woodruff Foundations, Building Homes for Heroes, Service for the Under Served (S.U.S), Operation First Response and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. All of these different charities provide support to veterans and military members who have recently returned from deployments and will all receive $200,000.

Giving to charity to what they first said they would spend their lottery winnings on when they came forward last week to collect the top prize, however the question is what will they spend their jackpot win on next?

Written by Samantha Jones

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