PowerBall winner loses out

Thursday February 25th 2010

Millions and millions go unclaimed on worldwide lottery games every single year, purely because people fail to claim on time or lose their lottery tickets. The latest news that a PowerBall winner loses out on a staggering $1 million prize as the claim deadline passes will leave many of us wondering why some people bother to play. The majority of us would never dream of buying a lottery ticket with the potential of a multi million prize and discard them so carelessly or even forget to check them, as people do.

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A PowerBall ticket sold in Racine County, Wisconsin more than six months ago was worth $1 million. The lucky ticket holder had until Monday 22nd February in which to come forward and claim the lottery prize. Unfortunately this has not happened and the $1 million prize will now return to state residents to help offset property taxes.

The director of the Wisconsin Lottery has revealed that there has been no news on the PowerBall ticket holder at all. They have received no emails or telephone calls about lost tickets or tickets being accidentally disposed of which is unusual. However, unclaimed lottery wins of this size are rare in the state. This latest was only the second of this size in the states history with the first being back in 1993 when another $1 million lottery ticket was never redeemed.

As always, the advice is that when you buy lottery tickets, make sure that you keep them in a safe place and check them regularly as  a significant prize can so easily be missed.

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