PowerBall winner revealed

Saturday April 24th 2010

There was a winner of the weeks largest lottery jackpot earlier on Wednesday and we are pleased to tell you that you have not had a long wait for information on this win as the $258 million PowerBall winner is revealed. His name is Chris Shaw, aged 29 from Missouri who works as a convenience store clerk in central Missouri earning just $7.25 and hour. With just over $28 in his bank account and a heap of utility bills to pay, Chris Shaw would have been grateful of any lottery win, never mind what was the highest jackpot in the world at the time.

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This PowerBall lottery win will enable Shaw to pay off his utility bills along with $1,000 that he owes a friend for a truck that he recently bought from him with the agreement to pay at $100 a month.

People who live paycheck to paycheck at Chris does, very rarely have problems in deciding how to spend their lottery win and this PowerBall winner has only got modest plans at the moment. Aside from using some of his lottery win to play his utility bills and his friend for the truck, he can now afford to have his two missing front teeth replaced and take both of his and his girlfriends’ children to Disney World, Florida. He is also yet to decide whether to take the PowerBall win in a lump sum or in annual instalments but plans to take advice before making this decision. However, at just 29 the instalments could prove to be a more attractive option than for someone who is older.

Shaw decided to buy lottery tickets, along with cigarettes and soda when he finished his shift at Break Time convenience store on Wednesday. Break Time will receive a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning PowerBall ticket.

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