PowerBall winner yet to come forward

Friday March 19th 2010

It is almost a week now since a single ticket purchased in New Jersey won a massive $212 million but sadly the PowerBall winner is yet to come forward to claim their lottery prize. You would think that someone winning such a massive amount would be rattling the doors of Lottery HQ first thing on Monday morning, but we must remember that this is a massive amount of money and some people like to take the very wise move of consulting legal and financial advisors before they make their claim.

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Of course it is possible that the PowerBall winner may not even realise they have won as they could be away on vacation or still looking for a mislaid PowerBall ticket. Either way, we would be very surprised for a winner of such a huge amount not to come forward very soon. All we can do is tell you that the ticket for this March 13th PowerBall draw was purchased in Morris County, New Jersey and players holding lottery tickets purchased from that area, may want to check them again.

The win saw the PowerBall return to a starting jackpot of £20 million, however the next draw which took place on Wednesday did not produce a jackpot winner so if you buy lottery tickets for the next PowerBall draw which takes place on Saturday, you will be eyeing a roll over jackpot which now stands at $28 million.

The rival multi state lottery game MegaMillions has a draw taking place this evening where lottery players will have a $20 million jackpot to play for.

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