Record revenue rise for Arizona Lottery

Thursday September 2nd 2010

While some US state lotteries have reported recently that they need to make job cuts, it is pleasing to see reports of record revenue rise for the Arizona Lottery. While it is clear that the global recession has had an impact on spending all over the world, it seems that world lottery games are riding the storm very well and in particular the Arizona Lottery. A 13.3% increase over 2009 sees the revenue rise to $551 million for fiscal 2010. This revenue rise is reported to be higher than any other state lottery that has reported gains so far.

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The fact that the Arizona Lottery is doing well in terms of revenue, can only mean rises in commission for lottery retailers as well. Commission paid out by the state lottery is in the region of $37 million, which is something that will please many of these retailers in their struggle to ride the economic storm.

Many changes have been made to the Arizona Lottery over the past twelve months which have contributed to the increase in sales. As state lotteries have been given the go ahead to be able to sell tickets for both PowerBall and MegaMillions, this has obviously aided the Arizona Lottery in this amazing achievement as players are now able to buy lottery tickets for both games. The success of the $100 Million Cash Spectacular as well as other new instant games has also played a major part.

While the success of the Arizona Lottery is clear, players should not be too concerned about those state lotteries that are planning cuts. Audits are suggesting that these state lotteries are performing well, but could do better by making savings in this way.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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