Retired fire fighter claims PowerBall prize

Wednesday February 10th 2010

Yesterday we brought you the news that the PowerBall jackpot was won on Saturday by a single ticket bought in Asheville in North Carolina. At the time we had no details that a winner had even come forward to claim this fabulous lottery win. However, almost immediately afterwards, we received news that Frank Griffin, a retired firelighter claims PowerBall prize of $141.4 million. It is great to see that a winner is prompt in checking their tickets and that no appeals have had to be sent out to encourage the lottery winner to come forward.

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The lottery winner, Frank Griffin owned his own janitorial business for 40 years but also worked as a fire fighter for 23 years but after this PowerBall win he and his wife will no longer have to worry about the bills and Frank will not have to work so hard.

Frank called into Wilco on Smokey Park Highway for some gas and decided to buy lottery tickets with the $5 he had left over. He opted to let the machine pick his numbers for him.

Frank and his wife have no firm plans as to how they may spend this PowerBall Lottery win, but indicated a new house and maybe a trip to Hawaii might be things to consider for the future, but for now the couple are happy that they can spend more time together and with their grandchildren. The couple also indicated that they would like to use some of their lottery win to help the church.

It is still early days for the couple and they have plenty of time to decide what to do with their newfound wealth and we hope they enjoy their lottery win for many years to come.

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