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Wednesday June 9th 2010

It seems that the luck of the English is set to continue this week. UK lottery players have been extremely lucky with regard to EuroMillions wins this year and although the EuroMillions did not roll over after Fridays draw, there is one UK game that did. After no one managed to match the winning numbers drawn on Saturday, the National Lottery rollover jackpot for the draw that is taking place this evening is currently standing at an estimated $7 million, something that will be music to the ears of UK lottery players.

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$226 Million
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UK lottery players love rollovers as of course do any players where ever they are in the world, but the National Lottery does not seem to offer rollovers as often as some other lottery games so when there is a rollover on the National Lottery, players tend to get very excited very quickly.

Although rollovers are not as common for the National Lottery, there have been several so far this year. March, April and May all had rollovers at some point with the biggest jackpot of the year standing at £16.5 million being won on 14th April. The last rollover offering from the National Lottery was just over £11 million and was won on Wednesday 12th May.

So if rollover lottery jackpots are what you enjoy playing for then make sure you buy lotto tickets for the draw tonight. Alternatively, although this is not a rollover, the EuroMillions has €12 million up for grabs on Friday as well as the added bonus of the Millionaire Raffle for UK players.

Written by Samantha Jones

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