Scratchcard Jackpot on First Attempt

Thursday April 16th 2009

A National Lottery player from London has won a scratchcard jackpot on her first attempt. Falguni Patel bought a Deal or No Deal scratchcard and quickly discovered the ‘Banker’ was definitely in a good mood because she ended up scratching an instant win worth £250,000!

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“I have never won much before on scratchcards or on Lotto,” Falguni said, “but I knew the card was new as I had seen the ad on TV and thought lets give it a go.”

It was one of those seemingly small and trivial decisions that all of us make every day. For example, ‘Should I play a few online scratchcards today or not?’ But, as Falguni’s success demonstrates, some of those small decisions can bring massive positive consequences.

Falguni runs a pamper party business called FalMay. This involves organising and hosting therapeutic beauty treatment and relaxation parties in the homes of her clients, and Falguni intends to invest some of her £250,000 into making the business even more successful.

“The business is doing really well but I shall use some of the win to build it further,” Falguni said. “I want to help my brother who has been studying in the USA with his student loans, my disabled sister to receive private treatment and my Mum and Dad with a retirement plan. I should be able to put some money towards a house and if there is any left my mum has always wanted a BMW so I will treat her.”

The Save the Children charity will also benefit from her win. “Each year FalMay supports a charity with a range of fundraising events,” Falguni explained. “This year it is Save the Children so I will be making a donation to them.”

As Falguni’s scratchcard jackpot success shows, a simple decision has the power to change our lives forever. So why not give yourself a chance to emulate her success and play scratchcards today? You can even play a great range of free lottery games!

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