Scratchcard winner to start own business

Tuesday March 1st 2011

A 28-year-old man from Northern Ireland has won £77,777 on a lottery scratchcard. Gareth Campbell was shopping at his local Asda supermarket when he decided to purchase a Super 7s instant game. Keen to find out if he’d picked a winner, Mr Campbell scratched the card and discovered he’d won the jackpot.

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He said: "Seven has always been a lucky number for me and when I saw the card was about that number I had a feeling I might win something."

Mr Campbell, who lives in Ballybeen, Dundonald, has been out of work for a number of months, but says the lottery win has put an end to that. He plans to use his lottery windfall to start his own window cleaning business and buy the tools he’ll need.

He said: "Times have been a little hard recently so I just couldn’t believe I’d won the top prize. There’ll be enough money left over to give me a security I’ve never had."

Written by Peter Kirkham

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