Spanish player wins EuroMillions jackpot

Monday May 16th 2011

Last week saw the first ever draw for the Tuesday EuroMillions with a massive €85 million jackpot up for grabs. As many of you will be aware, this jackpot was not won and was rolled over to the next draw which was Friday 13th May and stood at a massive €123 million. This date, often considered as unlucky by many people turned out to be the opposite for one person as a Spanish player wins the EuroMillions jackpot in its entirety.

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UK Lottery players usually fair well with the EuroMillions, but sadly that was not to be this time. But regardless of which participating country the winner came from, a win as large of this will certainly boost the EuroMillions in the popularity stakes.

There has been no information released regarding the EuroMillions jackpot win in Spain to date, and with a win such as this, it is highly likely that their identity will never be released. But we can tell you that the winning numbers were 9, 11, 17, 36 and 47 and lucky stars were 1 and 2. The Spanish winner matched all five numbers and Lucky Stars to scoop the monster EuroMillions jackpot.

There are 12 ways to win non jackpot prizes on the EuroMillions and these prizes range from and estimated £2.50 to £250,000 but they vary according to the number of lottery tickets sold as well as the amount of winners in each category.

If you want to buy a lotto ticket for the second Tuesday draw for the EuroMillions, you will be playing for a €13 million jackpot. Not anywhere near the jackpot won on Friday but still a significant jackpot all the same.

Written by Brett Levenson

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