SuperEnalotto continues to climb

Tuesday November 17th 2009

The eyes of all lottery players were on the world highest jackpots last week, the PowerBall, MegaMillions in the US and Italy’s SuperEnalotto. While the massive jackpots from the PowerBall and MegaMillions produced winners the SuperEnalotto continues to climb this week and sees a staggering lottery jackpot of €88.8 million for the draw this evening.

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Although this figure is still a far cry from the amazing record jackpot produced by the SuperEnalotto earlier in the year when the jackpot for this lottery reached a massive $147.8 million and was won by one lucky lottery ticket holder it is still a more than desirable prize.

The SuperEnalotto is frequently boasting huge jackpots and multiple rollovers and this is mainly due to the fact that this lottery is the hardest in the world to win. The odds of 1 in 622,614,630 for hitting the jackpot are mainly due to the fact that to play this lottery, you need to pick numbers from 90 rather than the lesser amount with other world lotteries.

Italians are the most excitable people in the world when it come to the SuperEnalotto, but let’s be honest, the whole world gets lottery fever when any jackpot reaches levels like this and with this lottery frequently hitting massive jackpot highs, it stands to reason that the Italians have more frequent reasons to get excited about their lottery.

So for those people looking to become one of the world’s biggest lottery winners, look no further than the SuperEnalotto today when you buy lottery tickets. This is no doubt, the biggest jackpot in the world today and one that will generate the most interest.

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