SuperEnalotto is highest in Europe

Saturday June 5th 2010

For many weeks now we have been watching one of the European lottery games rise after each draw and after recent wins on the EuroMillions the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto is the highest in Europe at the moment in terms of its jackpot. There are probably only around three or four winners on this lottery game in a year at best as it is notoriously one of the most difficult lottery games to win, but the continuous high jackpots still make it one of the most popular games to play.

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SuperEnalotto has draws three times a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and as no one managed to match the winning numbers that were drawn on Thursday, there is a massive €81.8 million up for grabs on Saturdays draw.

It is when the SuperEnalotto jackpot reaches this kind of high that players start to play this lottery more, as the attractive jackpot makes the unfavourable odds of winning the SuperEnalotto suddenly much more attractive. The fact that it has the highest jackpot Europe and quite possibly the worlds highest, means that all eyes will be on the SuperEnalotto this weekend.

If you are a player who prefers the bigger jackpots regardless of the odds then lotto tickets for the SuperEnalotto are for you. However, across the other side of the Atlantic, the PowerBall also has a draw on Saturday evening. Although this game has recently has a winner the jackpot is still standing at an attractive $20 million. Although nothing like the highs we are used to seeing from this lottery game, this jackpot is still attractive enough to be worth playing.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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