SuperEnalotto jackpot is Europe's highest

Thursday July 8th 2010

Not surprisingly the SuperEnalotto jackpot is Europe's highest as it continues to rollover. This lottery game yet again failed to produce a winner from the draw which took place on Tuesday 6th July which means that the jackpot for this Italian lottery game has now risen to a staggering €96.2 million for the next draw which takes place this evening. With the jackpot edging ever closer to the €100 million mark, many players who know the SuperEnalotto well, will be hoping for another record breaking jackpot to come from this game.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
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The only other European lottery game that is capable of competing with the high jackpots that SuperEnalotto constantly offers is EuroMillions. However, it is barely scratching the surface of the Italian lottery jackpot this week, falling some way behind with a jackpot of €23 million for the draw which takes place on Friday 9th July.

SuperEnalotto may have the highest jackpot in Europe but it could also quite possibly be the largest in the world too. The two biggest lottery games in the US which are PowerBall and MegaMillions, are also well known for their big jackpots but these are not even close to the jackpot of SuperEnalotto either. It is difficult to say what the jackpot of the PowerBall is currently standing at as we are still waiting for the full results of yesterdays draw but if you buy lotto tickets for the MegaMillions you will fall someway short of the SuperEnalotto jackpot as you will be playing for a $43 million jackpot, but with much more favourable odds.

Written by Brett Levenson

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