SuperEnalotto jackpot hits €63.1m

Tuesday December 7th 2010

Players of Italy’s SuperEnalotto will be hoping to avoid another rollover when the next draw is made this evening. Tonight’s jackpot stands at €63.1million, which although considerably less than the €177million draw made in October, still represents the largest lottery prize fund in the world. And unlike American lottery winners, anyone who scoops the Italian jackpot will not have to pay a substantial percentage of their winnings to the state in tax.

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$211 Million
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SuperEnalotto players have to choose six numbers between one and 90 and so the odds of winning the jackpot run into hundreds of millions to one. However, it’s for this reason that the Italian draw rolls over so often and encourages players from all over the world to buy lotto tickets.

There are just a few hours to go until tonight’s SuperEnalotto draw which is due to take place at 8pm.

Anyone whose luck doesn’t hold for the Italian draw might want to buy lotto tickets online for America’s Mega Millions game which is also due to be drawn within the next 24 hours. The estimated jackpot for this game now stands at $74million.

Written by Brett Levenson

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