SuperEnalotto remains Europe's highest

Thursday June 10th 2010

We saw a rollover draw take place on the UK’s National Lottery on Saturday but the EuroMillions hasn't produced a rollover jackpot in four weeks. This means that the high rollover jackpots that we are used to in Europe are very thin on the ground at the moment. However, one lottery which has been rolling over for weeks now and after no winners were found for the draw on Tuesday, SuperEnalotto remains Europe’s highest in terms of the jackpot.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
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Obviously for lottery players who play for the big jackpots, SuperEnalotto will be the favourite for them and with the next draw for this Italian Lottery game taking place this evening, lotto tickets are expected to be in high demand.

The last time that there was a jackpot winner on SuperEnalotto was back in February when one lucky lottery player walked away with a €140 million jackpot prize. The SuperEnalotto has continues to climb since then as despite having three weekly draws, no one has managed to match with winning numbers since. The fact that lottery players have to choose their numbers from a pool of 90 rather than around 50, which many lottery games use makes this such a difficult game to win, but the large jackpots that SuperEnalotto continually boast still make it just as popular.

On the other side of the Atlantic the MegaMillions has rolled over after the draw on Tuesday too and now offers a jackpot of $36 million for the next draw which takes place on Friday.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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