SuperEnalotto set for record breaking jackpot

Tuesday September 28th 2010

If you were an avid lottery player last in August of last year you may remember the excitement that surrounded the SuperEnalotto when it boasted a jackpot of more than €147.8 million. The great news is that the SuperEnalotto is set for another record breaking jackpot, that is of course if no one manages to match the winning lottery numbers drawn this evening. Despite an obvious increase in tickets sales this lottery game still failed to produce a jackpot winner from the draw on Saturday, creating a jackpot of €147.5 million.

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This is so close yet so far from the current SuperEnalotto record of just over €147.8 million, which was set in August of last year. However, with just a little over €300,000 to go, it is certain that another rollover would create a new SuperEnalotto jackpot record.

With an obvious increase in tickets sales, it is inevitable that the chances of the SuperEnalotto jackpot being won is also higher, but the fact that the winning numbers have to be picked from a pool of 90, make this a very difficult lottery to win, so we could just as easily see this lottery jackpot continue to roll for many more weeks.

The unfavourable odds of winning the SuperEnalotto will not dampen the enthusiasm of lottery players all over the world and if you would like to buy lotto tickets for this game and have the chance to be part of record breaking history, click the image above. In the meantime, the team at alottery will endeavour to keep you fully up to date on the progress of SuperEnalotto.

Written by Brett Levenson

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