SuperEnalotto is still climbing

Thursday January 21st 2010

The Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto, frequently boasts the largest jackpot in the world. Back in August last year we saw a record breaking jackpot of almost €150 million won by a resident in the small town of Bagnone, Tuscany but today the  SuperEnalotto is still climbing leaving lottery players wondering if they might see the jackpot figure from August exceeded.

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$199 Million
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The prospect of this will obviously spur a lot of excitement amongst Italian Lottery players and indeed players worldwide, with the prospect that the jackpot record that is currently held could well be broken.

The SuperEnalotto is one of the hardest lottery games to win, with players having to try to pick their winning numbers from a pool of 90 rather than the normal of around 50. Of course the odds of winning the SuperEnalotto are poor in comparison to other lottery games in that they are more than one in over 600 million. In saying that, this game will eventually produce a winner and we may see those who love the chase of the big lottery jackpots, buy lottery tickets for the SuperEnalotto.

The next draw for the SuperEnalotto take place on 21st January and currently has an estimated jackpot of €126 million. Still a little way to go until is passes the current record but certainly a prize that most  players could only dream of winning.

If you are one of those players who enjoys playing for the large jackpots then make sure you keep a close eye on the SuperEnalotto. The more it climbs, the more people will play and that can only mean that there is a higher chance of this  jackpot being won.

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