SuperEnalotto still rising

Saturday June 19th 2010

It has been a very exciting week so far in the lottery world and we don’t want to miss bringing you the news on one of the largest European lottery jackpots before the week is over. The Italian Lottery game SuperEnalotto is still rising, as despite two midweek draws no one has managed to match the winning numbers to walk away the fantastic jackpot that SuperEnalotto is currently boasting. The good news is that players’ world wide still have another chance to play this game as another draw will take place today.

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$199 Million
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The SuperEnalotto jackpot has now reached a staggering €88.1 million and although Italians may have already been very excited about this game for a while, it is at this point that the rest of the world and particularly Europe will start to pay more attention too.

This Italian lottery game is no stranger to high jackpots as we all know, because it is one of the most difficult games in the world to win. This means that every time a jackpot is won on SuperEnalotto, it is almost always extremely large and this is what makes it so popular despite the odds of winning being much less favourable to those of any other world lottery game.

The ability to buy lotto tickets online now means that anyone on the world can take part in SuperEnalotto or indeed any other worldwide lottery game and from now on we could see more and more people taking part in SuperEnalotto, if it continues to roll after the draw this evening.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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